Alive in Christ is an inter-denominational, Christ-centered ministry helping Christian men and women find freedom in their struggle with same-sex attraction.


  • Hope for Wholeness Summer Conference, June 2-5, 2016, Ridgecrest, North Carolina

    Mark your calendars for next year’s summer conference, appropriate for those with same-sex attraction, their families and friends, and those who would minister to them.


Links to articles to encourage us to view same-sex attraction through a Christian lens. Some articles express views not entirely in agreement with those of Alive in Christ, but are included to spur your thinking.

  • How Christian Parents Should Respond to Their Child’s Gay Identity Crisis by Melissa Barnhart, The Christian Post

    (Posted 2015/07/18)

  • The New Narcotic by Morgan Bennett

    New neurological research reveals that porn is as potently addictive as heroin or cocaine.

    “While substance abusers may cause permanent harm to their bodies or brains from drug use, the substance itself does not remain in the body after it has metabolized out of the body. But with pornography, there is no timeframe of abstinence that can erase the pornographic ‘reels’ of images in the brain that can continue to fuel the addictive cycle.” (Posted 2015/07/17)

  • 40 Answers and 2 Questions for Matthew Vines by Michael Brown

    (Posted 2015/07/15)

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