Alive in Christ is an inter-denominational, Christ-centered ministry helping Christian men and women find freedom in their struggle with same-sex attraction. We minister to individuals through support groups and equip churches through speakers and training sessions.

“I used to heavily identify myself as dirty and unworthy of God’s grace because of my sin, but being able to share with this group has helped me to recognize the redemptive qualities of my God. It’s one thing to have accountability at my church and with sisters, but it is another thing to experience it with others that struggle the same way you do.” — A female participant

Same-Sex Attraction & the Church: Compassion without Compromise—Alive in Christ’s training seminar


Links to articles to encourage us to view same-sex attraction through a Christian lens. Some articles express views not entirely in agreement with those of Alive in Christ, but are included to spur your thinking.

  • Living the Truth in Love: Pastoral Approaches to Same-Sex Attraction edited by Janet E. Smith and Father Paul Check

    A collection of essays from Catholic authors—including J. Budziszewski, D. C. Mattson, Doug Mainwaring, and Jannelle Hallman—ranging from the theoretical to the practical.(Posted 2019/05/18)

  • What do you do when you’re attracted to a friend? by D. C. Mattson

    (Posted 2019/03/27)

  • Four Straight Facts about “Gay Conversion” Therapy by Joe Dallas

    You have probably seen the term “gay conversion therapy” or “conversion therapy” mentioned in the news and wondered what it means. In all honesty, we wonder, too! It is unlikely that a Christian coined this term, because the only context in which Christians use the word conversion is in reference to becoming a Christian. There is no salvation in heterosexuality or anything else outside of Christ. It is also unlikely that a therapist coined the term, because therapists don’t use the word conversion in describing their practice. They don’t convert alcoholics or schizophrenics or depressed people.

    Our best guess is that these terms were invented by activists as a means to mock and vilify any therapy with which they disagree. They throw in the word “conversion” to imply religious fanaticism, and then with a rhetorical flourish, they use quotation marks around the term or prepend “so-called” to imply it was the therapists themselves who coined the term.

    We do not practice any sort of therapy at Alive in Christ, but here is an article providing some insight on the term and on the variety of real-life therapy that the term is meant to lump together and demean.(Posted 2019/03/22)

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Alive in Christ is a referral ministry of Hope for Wholeness and a member ministry of the Restored Hope Network.