Alive in Christ is an inter-denominational, Christ-centered ministry helping Christian men and women find freedom in their struggle with same-sex attraction.



Links to articles to encourage us to view same-sex attraction through a Christian lens. Some articles express views not entirely in agreement with those of Alive in Christ, but are included to spur your thinking.

  • How Can the Gospel Be Good News to Gays? by Sam Allberry

    “Homosexuality is an issue I have grappled with my entire Christian life. It took a long time to admit to myself, longer to admit to others, and even longer to see something of God’s good purposes through it all. There have been all sorts of ups and downs. But this battle is not devoid of blessings, as Paul discovered with his own unyielding thorn in the flesh. Struggling with sexuality has been an opportunity to experience more of God’s grace, rather than less.”

  • ‘Behavior Doesn’t Interrupt Your Relationship with Christ’: A Recipe for Disaster by Ben Witherington

    A Wesleyan-Arminian perspective on God’s grace and the gravity of sin (Posted 2016/05/12)

  • 50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides by Walt Heyer

    “Thirty-three years ago I underwent gender-reassignment surgery only to discover it was a temporary reprieve, not a solution to the underlying comorbid disorders. I have written books, published articles, and spoken publicly around the world to enlighten people on the prevalence of suicide among transgender people and on the risks and regrets of changing genders.” (Posted 2016/05/11)

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