Alive in Christ is an inter-denominational, Christ-centered ministry helping Christian men and women find freedom in their struggle with same-sex attraction.


  • Hope for Wholeness Summer Conference, June 2-5, 2016, Ridgecrest, North Carolina

    Mark your calendars for next year’s summer conference, appropriate for those with same-sex attraction, their families and friends, and those who would minister to them.


Links to articles to encourage us to view same-sex attraction through a Christian lens. Some articles express views not entirely in agreement with those of Alive in Christ, but are included to spur your thinking.

  • Exercise Your “No” Muscle by Brenna Kate Simonds

    (Posted 2016/02/03)

  • The Same-Sex Wedding Invitation Debate by Joe Dallas

    Two decades ago, hardly anyone would have expected to be confronted with an invitation to a same-sex wedding. How should Christians respond? Joe Dallas offers analysis of the issues at hand for believers. He also provides links to contrasting views, including Should a Christian with Traditional Values Attend a Same-Sex Wedding? by Stephen Arterburn. (Posted 2016/01/25)

  • Rending the Rainbow Veil: How to Make Your Church a Safe Space for Christians with Same-Sex Attraction by Jean Lloyd

    “When ... everything from the White House to corporate logos turned rainbow, I recalled that year of monumental personal decision when I was struggling with my relationships with God, women, and myself. I remember digging out my Bible, which was dusty from disuse. I dared to look at the first chapter of Romans. The words blurred through my tears as I read. ... I prayed, ‘If it’s wrong, You’ll have to show me another way, because I can’t see it.’ I honestly couldn’t see the truth–it was as if there was a veil over my eyes.

    “These days, when I see the multitude of profile pictures on Facebook bearing a rainbow filter, I think of that veil. The rainbow veil tints reality with false hues, blurs the vision, and prevents one from seeing clearly. But what is most distressing is seeing the rainbow veil over the faces of Christian friends and family.” (Posted 2015/12/25)

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