Prayer is one of the most important ways that we Christians can support any ministry. If you have a heart for ministry to those struggling against same-sex attraction, please pray for our ministry. Write us to let us know you are praying.

I’ve attended Alive in Christ for about six years now. This group has supported me in times of blessing and times of struggle. I simultaneously serve my church actively and experience same-sex attraction. Yet places like Alive in Christ and my church exemplify the grace and forgiveness of Christ. What I am even more thankful for is that I am not left as I am but instead am goaded to grow in godliness through my supports and this ministry. I hope that as you read this you recognize that your prayers and support of Alive in Christ are valued. It helps Christians like myself get support when I feel broken and know that I can be loved and cared for in Christ. Alive in Christ is a manifestation of the grace of Christ that helps me pursue my Christian faith in confidence.

A male participant in our weekly strugglers group in Boston

Financial support for the work of Alive in Christ is derived from individual donations. We are recognized by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to Alive in Christ are tax-deductible. We issue receipts for all gifts.

To give to Alive in Christ by check, please mail your contribution to

Alive in Christ
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The check can be made out to Alive in Christ.

Alternatively, it is possible to donate to Alive in Christ on-line through


If you are an Assemblies of God church pastor or attendee, you have the option of giving through Brenna Kate Simonds’ Missionary Associate page.