Homosexuality is one of the most pressing issues facing the evangelical church today.

From the rapid change in attitudes toward human sexuality to the legalization of same-sex marriage, pastors feel the burden not only to provide clear teaching from Scripture, but also to minister to those facing tough situations.

How do I balance love and truth when ministering to a gay visitor to my church?

How do I advise the parents in my congregation who were just invited to their son’s same-sex wedding?

How do I help my congregant who is struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction?

Alive in Christ would like to help. Our training—Same-Sex Attraction and the Church: Compassion without Compromise—offers answers to these challenging questions and many others. Please contact us for more information. Here are a few responses to this training:

Brenna Kate Simonds came to Victory and spoke to our leadership team about how the church should respond to same-sex attracted individuals who may be coming into the church. Brenna did a great job helping our leaders understand where same-sex attracted individuals are coming from spiritually and emotionally, and how we can minister to these precious souls without compromising our commitment to God’s Word or the grace so needed by these individuals. I highly recommend the ministry of Brenna and Alive in Christ Ministries. She is an amazing resource to the kingdom of God for such a time as this!

Rev. Louis Zinnanti, Lead Pastor Victory Church and Presbyter of the Southeast Massachusetts Section of the Assemblies of God

In 34 years of being in my church, I have never heard these topics discussed in church… gives me great hope that our church is working towards becoming a safe place for those struggling with SSA and other issues. Huge help!

Comments from a participant in a recent training

Alive in Christ has been a great blessing and resource to Christ Community Church. The seminars they conducted for our staff and congregation have been very helpful and informative in our ministry efforts. Alive in Christ has also partnered with us to start a support group in our own church, which is already well attended.

Pastor Matthew Thornton, Christ Community Church, East Taunton

Brenna Kate Simonds provides exemplary vision and leadership for Alive in Christ, a ministry that offers hope and reconciliation to those impacted by same-sex attraction. Brenna is also an effective presenter and spokesperson. When she gave a talk at our church recently, she did a superb job of blending both a plea for compassion and a call for change. A major reason for Brenna’s effectiveness is that she is herself a ‘trophy of grace’; a person who struggled with same-sex attraction for many years and ultimately found freedom through Christ. However, what she advocates is more than a ‘just say no’ platform or a simple prayer of spiritual deliverance. She frankly acknowledges the difficulties attached to the LGBT lifestyle, while offering ultimate freedom and hope. At the center of all that Brenna says and does is an unapologetic reliance upon God and His Spirit. I heartily recommend her to you without hesitancy or reservation.

Rogers Steven Warner, Senior Pastor of Brockton Assembly of God