Gay Pride Month Challenging for Those in Alive in Christ

Alive in Christ Newsletter

Vol. 74, May/June 2022

Hello, friends of Alive in Christ! When you receive this letter, Gay Pride Month will be ending. During June, our ministry participants are bombarded with everything being turned into a rainbow: bank logos, boxes of cereal, balloons – even dog attire. It’s so common that a young person in the ministry and I began to text pictures back and forth of some of the random “rainbow-ized” things we saw. This was after she mentioned how much Pride Month was impacting her, and she was one of many who brought this up. While we laughed at the pictures, the rainbows are a constant, often painful reminder to those experiencing same-sex attraction as well as those who have LGBT-identified loved ones.

Every month besides June, they are already surrounded by reminders that their choice to walk in obedience to God’s design for sexuality is completely counter-cultural. In June, it’s compounded by all the portrayals of LGBT people who appear to be living their best lives as well as the people that support them – thus communicating to our participants that their sacrifice is not only unnecessary but actually misguided. Pray for our ministry participants to know we serve a God who sees (Genesis 16:13), and that their choice to offer themselves as living sacrifices and not think as the world thinks is true and proper worship (Romans 12:1-2) that makes their Father proud!

I had the opportunity to travel to Michigan for some speaking engagements. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, with a full 3-hour training, 2 Sunday morning services, and an evening youth service, and it was a wonderful time! Three people surrendered their lives to Jesus on Sunday morning, and I had the opportunity to pray with one of them, as well as with every person who shared a piece of their story with me. This was my first time flying since the pandemic began, and everything went very smoothly! You can listen to the Sunday morning message from June 5 here.   

I pray you know how very grateful we are to have your prayers and support! I, the leadership team, and the board truly mean that. Thank you for choosing to stand for grace and truth (John 1:14) in Jesus’ name!