Alive in Christ Featured in “Fresh from the Field”

The ministry of Alive in Christ was recently featured in a US Missions newsletter. You can read the article below.

“We live in a world that is telling people they were born this way; this is who they are.”

Brenna Kate Simonds, a U.S. Missions missionary associate serving with Intercultural Ministries, has been the director of Alive in Christ since August 2004. Her track record of ministry, along with her personal experience of finding freedom in Christ, gives Brenna a wealth of experience to walk alongside people who choose to walk away from an LGBTQ+ identity.

Brenna says struggling with same-sex attraction is more difficult than many struggles where the destructive results of a behavior or addiction might seem more obvious.

She says, “The amazing part of it is that young people contact the ministry and still, despite everyone telling them it’s fine to be gay, they’re convicted and believe that this is not how Jesus wants them to live their life. The good news is still good news. The gospel still has the power to transform our lives!”

Alive in Christ’s aim is “to offer hope to individuals, families and churches who are impacted by same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria.” To accomplish this, Brenda and her volunteer staff provide support groups for people who have put their faith in Christ and want to walk in obedience to Jesus as it pertains to their sexuality. They also offer support groups for people with loved ones affected by these issues.

A key element of this ministry is partnering with churches and pastors for whom Alive in Christ offers three training tracks. Brenna hopes to expand these opportunities to reach more churches and is praying for additional staff to carry the load that comes with this growing ministry.

Needing a quality resource to give people, Brenna wrote Learning to Walk in Freedom as an easily digestible discipleship resource for people who are struggling or who have a loved one who is struggling with same-sex attraction.

Over the years, Brenna has realized that discipleship comes down to two main areas. “So much of anything that we struggle with really comes down to what I believe about God and who He really is, and what I believe about myself and who I really am in Christ. When we reconcile these things, when we grow in these ways, and we address the lies we believe in these areas, we grow and learn to walk in the freedom that Jesus Christ died to give us.”

Brenna reflects, “It’s not me acting like a free person, it’s me plugging into the power source that allows me to choose well: grace-empowered, Holy Spirit inspired, whole choices, as in Romans 6:16.”

“One of the most shocking things for me to hear, over and over again from LGBTQ+ people,” Brenna continues, “is that no one has ever told them that Jesus loves them. The church is quick to tell them that they’re sinners. We are all sinners in need of a savior. That’s everyone’s primary need, including LGBTQIA+ people.”

Brenna emphasizes that prayer is central to seeing God work in human hearts. “I encourage people to pray for their loved ones — that their hearts will become good soil — and ask the Holy Spirit to direct you as to when to share, what to say, what to ask.”