Jan/Feb 2023 Newsletter

Hello, friends of Alive in Christ!

I recently had an amazing opportunity to present a ministry weekend in central New Hampshire; the picture to the right is with some of the pastors. This was the first weekend of February, when New England had record-breaking cold. It was certainly an interesting time to head north!

This was actually my 2nd weekend in a row in NH, a result of meeting several pastors last October at a pastor’s event. Alive in Christ is doing more and more of what we’re calling “ministry weekends.” They generally involve presenting a training, sharing in the Sunday morning service, as well as speaking to one or more small groups (in this case, the young adults on Saturday and the youth after service Sunday).

Hear some of the church leaders share about this powerful weekend:

Church leaders and Christian parents are in need of some [serious] help to navigate conversations about sexuality and gender identification, especially when they are trying to discuss it with children, tweens and teens. Brenna is a minister of grace and truth to help equip our leaders and parents with the tools they need for those talks.

Brenna’s biblical approach to sexuality, along with her compassion for those who are struggling or confused by societal messages, brings a timely message and opens the door to needed conversations. Karen Morton, co-lead pastor

Pastors Craig & Karen Morton (I’m in the middle)

My experience with Alive in Christ ministry was life-giving. Brenna tackles a complex topic with love, authenticity, and truth. She and her ministry team believe God is still in the business of giving hope and changing lives. As a ministry leader of young people in our church, I feel more equipped to use my gifts to serve all people, including those in the LGBTQ+ community.

Thank you for your example of walking in freedom, Brenna. May we all find freedom in Christ and stay free. Erin Conner, Director of Youth and Dartmouth College Campus Minister

Wellspring, thank you for being so hospitable and welcoming! These ministry weekends can be done all at once or in a split fashion (generally sharing on Sunday morning and then doing the training and/or small groups at a later date). This most recent weekend was an amazing time, despite the extreme cold. Please contact us to schedule your ministry weekend.

If you have been hoping to attend one of our trainings, now is your chance! We have several trainings coming up that are open to the public.

Speaking to Youth about LGBTQ issues from a Biblical Perspective: February 25 (Malden, MA) & May 6 (Nashua, NH)

Same-Sex Attraction & the Church: Compassion without Compromise: April 22 (Belmont, MA)

“Speaking to Youth” is geared toward church leaders, parents and educators. We teach how to share a biblical theology of gender and sexuality with youth and share how kids today view LGBTQ+ issues. There are testimonies of those who have wrestled with these issues personally or in their families, as well as how to help your kids if they are struggling.

“Same-Sex Attraction & the Church” covers both the main “Speaking to Youth” points, as well as a more general description of LGBT peoples’ experience of faith, and how open they are to attending church. We discuss how to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who identify as LGBTQ+ as well as how to respond if someone comes out to you as gay or transgender.

The April & May events require pre-registration. Please visit our website for details on how to pre-register as well as exact times and locations.

We are so grateful to report that we were able to meet and surpass our $15,000 need at the end of 2022! Thanks to everyone who gave so generously to make this happen.